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We do a full, 13-Point tune-up on push mowers for $59.99 + parts.

*Sharpen & balance blade
*Replace air filter
*Change oil with premium 10w30 motor oil
*Clean cooling system & intake screens
*Flush fuel system & check choke or primmer assembly
*Lube & adjust all controls & cables
*Check drive system (self-propelled models)
*Lube & tighten wheels & adjusters
*Tighten & adjust handle fasteners
*Overhaul carburetor & adjust governor to proper RPM
*Test all safety controls & systems
*Clean top & bottom
*Test Run Mower

We offer free, no obligation estimates. 

Currently we are only repairing push mowers. (No riders)

Sharpening service is also available:
Chain saws
Mower blades
Hand held & electric garden tools
Almost anything with an edge!